Your relationship matters a lot to you...
       but you are struggling so much that you
                don't know if you can make it work anymore.  

   The two of you either argue or slip into uncomfortable
   silence. You feel really have a hard
   time finding those feelings of love.

   It's not that you don't want things to get better between
   you - it's just that you haven't been able to make that
   happen. You haven't given up yet, but you're so tired
   of hiding your problems and putting on a good front
   for everyone.

   A couple relationship is like a two-person kayak.
                               Paddling can be tough to coordinate.

   It's even worse if the water is rough. When both people
   are paddling really hard, but out of sync, it's frustrating.
   You get nowhere fast. If only one person is paddling,
   you can move forward, but it's exhausting and very slow.

   What we'd like to do is help you find your rhythm together
   as a couple - so you can enjoy being on the water together
   and so you can get to where you both really want to go.

   We can partner with you to help you rebuild your
   relationship. Your life together can actually become the    
   sanctuary you both want.