Trinity Counseling Center is staffed by a group of
   carefully selected Licensed Marriage and Family
   Therapists and supervised interns.

   Our licensed staff has been with the Counseling
   Center for many years. And most of our Interns
   stay with us through licensure - often 3 years
   or more. This pattern of long-term association
   provides stability, consistency, and continuity-
   of-care for our clients.

   Our staff members are exceptional for their high
   degree of personal maturity and their passion for
   ongoing professional and spiritual development.
   And each one is actively committed to the well-
   being of their clients.




Job Title:     Licensed Marriage &
                   Family Therapist

Employer:   Trinity College of
                   Graduate Studies

Worksite/   1661 N. Raymond
Address:     Avenue, Suite 140
                   Anaheim, CA 92801

Contact:      Florence Bishop, MA

Job Duties:
Will provide family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy to patients and their family members, utilizing short-term or long-term psychotherapy methods, as appropriate. Identify psychological, emotional or behavioral issues and diagnose disorders. Develop and implement individual treatment plans. Evaluate effectiveness of counseling or treatments and accuracy and completeness of diagnoses, then modify plans diagnoses as necessary. Compile and maintain clients' medical/counseling records. Protect security of medical/counseling records
to ensure maintenance of confidentiality.

Hours/week:  35

Qualifications: Masters in Counseling

Requirements: Current California
                        Marriage & Family                         Therapy License

Send resume to:
F. Bishop, MA
Trinity College of Graduate Studies
1661 N. Raymond Avenue, Suite 140
Anaheim, CA 92801